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Sova Audio is a family-run event sound production company and immersive audio specialist with extensive empirical knowledge on the ground. We are based in London but operate globally with particularly strong ties with Ibiza.

sova (proto Slavic)- en. owl [ oul ]

a nocturnal bird of prey also called “the bird of Minerva” - a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity, and erudition.


Deeply embedded in the arts, we are a team of creative technologists with futurist mentality. We call home some of
the most innovative and forward-thinking artistic circles London has to offer.


At Sova Audio, we strive to promote sustainable living. We believe that the everyday choices we make all have an impact on our future. We continuously work to develop better ways of doing business that doesn’t harm the planet.


We love the diversity of our communities and workplaces.  We are committed to supporting our clients, employees and friends irrespective of their skin colour, gender or sexuality.

Our brand

Inspired by the work of the "master of the trademark" Stefan Kanchev, our logo was crafted by Dosio Dosev - in 2016 under the brief to create a simple, geometric and "timeless" brand.

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