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George Sova at Astral Industries Weekend Takeover


Brian Eno once described ambient music’s mission being “to reward attention, but not so strict as to demand it.“ Listen to George’s mix and reward yourself - you deserve it kiddo.

If ever there was a time for music to prove its healing powers, this is surely it. Space for thought is something we’ve got in abundance right now.

While one can easily fill it with existential dread and fond memories of the pub, the park or any group interaction not filtered through the ersatz prism of a screen, stimulating the psyche with soothing and alluring sounds is a far healthier use of this newfound, strange mental freedom.

Step forward ambient music. It’s by no means the only genre with the power to ensnare and calm a wandering mind, but it is one of the most accessible and effective. Maybe it’s the soft, gaseous textures, or the uncrowded arrangements, or perhaps the languorous tones and rhythms subconsciously take us back to the care-free comfort of the womb - who cares. What matters is the message (i.e. “Chill!”) and the mental massage it facilitates.

Few modern-day labels have done more to promote ambient music’s cathartic properties than Astral Industries. Over the last decade or so the London imprint has been steadily disseminating an intoxicating blend of electroacoustic murmurings and wide-eyed sonic caresses from artists including Deepchord, Wolfgang Voigt, The Chi Factory. And no pesky pandemic stop them. Last weekend they took over online radio station 9128.

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