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Relativity of time, our blog and so long 2019


In his book The River of Consciousness, the great Oliver Sacks makes the following observation: “A champion sprinter may be up and running and already 16 or 18 feet into the race before he is consciously aware that the starting gun has fired. He can be off the blocks in 130 milliseconds, whereas the conscious registration of the gunshot requires 400 milliseconds or more.” Einstein recognised the malleable nature of time nearly a century earlier when he proposed his revolutionary general theory of relativity. The more we move, the slower the rate at which time passes. Yet our perception of time passing speeds up. This just about sums up how we feel right now, counting down the last days of the decade. How is it possible that we’re actually approaching the dawn of the year 2020?

Anyway - goodbye 2019! 

You will be remembered as a special one. 

In February we started a productive collaboration with Subpac, culminating in our joint creation of Immerse(d) festival in London:

On May the 1st we launched our minty-fresh website. Thank you to our designer extraordinaire Dosio and The Visual Works for all their patience.

Some highlights of our summer consisted of delivering Sova’s Progressive Sound Experiences to festivals such as Glastonbury and Boomtown.

“Tonking sound system”, said the king himself, Carl Cox, and the legendary Greg Wilson kindly credited the Funkingham audio production in his blog. 


Boomtown, meanwhile, was rather more Leary-esque - a merging of one’s conscious state with dreaming into a singular hyper-real experience.

As audio immersion became synonymous with Sova Audio, we pushed event sound production even further by collaborating with the french composer SKYGGE for the launch of his new collaborative AI album in London. 

We’ve also completed a number of sales and installs, from the underground clubs of North and East London, via quirky Soho bars all the way to the exclusive sports clubs of Mayfair and the Duchess of Rutland’s picturesque Balloon Bar at Belvoir Castle. 

Ballie Ballerson Soho

Buddha Box Mayfair

The Baloon Bar - Belvoir Castle

Unit 58 - Tottenham Hale

We have always believed in running our business in a fashion that would benefit society. In September 2019 we became research associates at Ravensbourne University as part of the creative group PlaylabZ. Thanks to the support of our friends at Funktion OneOutboard TiMax and Linea Research, we then developed and built a state of the art spatial sound facility at the university - a place where the students can collaborate, ideate and practically test the audio of the future.

Ready to change the world? Sova Audio recently joined forces with Mumbli, a leading campaign aiming to enable people to achieve the full potential of their sound experience. More info on this to follow soon.

In November we said goodbye to our Dalston HQ and moved to Sova's beautiful new premises near Lea Bridge. Our new address is Unit 52, Fairways Business Park, Lammas Rd E107QB. Come around! We have good coffee, craft beer, records and beautiful sound systems to listen to.

We met so many amazing people over the last twelve months and we would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and the buckets of inspiration you soak us with on a daily basis. 

We know it took us a while to get this blog going, but here we are hitting the “Post” button. Do subscribe, as we have some splendid contributors lined up, covering everything from arts and culture to technology and science. To start with we have Oscar Allan on heavy blogger duties with two deeply involving articles - a review on Andrew Pekler’s latest album “Sounds From Phantom Islands” (with whom we had the pleasure of catching up over a slice of Voodoo Ray’s) and an in-depth analysis of our event collaboration with SKYGGE.

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